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All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Sets : New item #1413826 (stock #1858)
Treat yourself well starting 2020 with this "one of" signed sterling silver two piece set lucky green rutilated quartz semi precious gemstone pendant and Swarovski accent earring set...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pendants : Contemporary item #1397199 (stock #1854)
Signed Studio Piece

Signed studio original hand hammered brass bold kinetic pendant necklace sculpture that frames a tree with nine branches of sterling silver, brass and copper with two antique faceted red amber beads. Looks equally well in a shadow box on your wall, window hanging art piece or around your neck...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1384249 (stock #1852)
Signed studio original hand hammered brass bold kinetic protective eye pendant necklace with spiral dangles and an added bold turquoise dangle, was made in a USA studio in the in the Mid Century Modernist or Arts and Crafts tradition by this self directed metalart maker and signed Mimi Dee - Handmade.

The multi cultural ethnographic evil eye protection motif, used in jewelry by the ancient Romans, Asian Dzi, Victorian, Latin American countries and continuously through out the middle east was h...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pendants : Contemporary item #1359603 (stock #1841)
Signed studio original hand hammered multi metal 7 piece kinetic magical evil eye protector pendant, with added Victorian mille grain steel court button and gems, was made in a USA studio in the Modernist or Arts & Crafts tradition by and signed by this living self learned metal art maker as Mimi Dee.

As in some modernist approach, it is made with hammered mixed metals copper, sterling and a bit of gold fill...

All Items : Artists : Metalwork : Contemporary item #1356052 (stock #T1837)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Commission - Thank you! In H P Presentation Box
Hammered in a USA studio this commissioned pair of hand wrought gemstone adorned signed sterling silver table art napkin rings for two were made as a bridal wedding gift for Miss G and Mr. K ...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1332686 (stock #T 1825)
Doubled up this would make a fine doll necklace. All metal is sterling silver...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1313672 (stock #1815)
This would make a nice garland or decoration for a doll house. All metal is sterling silver. Own the only one! Made in a USA studio this bold three piece 177 gram necklace by and stamped as: Mimi Dee - Sterling. The components consist of hand wrought hammered lucky spiritual spiral semi precious metal, a fossilized ammonite specimen and modern amulet Dzi beads totaling 177 gram or 6.2 oz as postal scale weights as follows:
Dzi beads: (7) 103 grams. Cold, smooth heavy, root beer color...
All Items : Artists : Paintings : Contemporary item #1307220 (stock #T 1812)
This American original miniature watercolor painting, not a copy, would make a gift of fond memories for those visiting New Hampshire this season. Signed miniature watercolor painting, of New Hampshire's circa 1900 Grand Mount Washington Hotel located in the White Mountains. Art show label verso.
Tiffany glass lovers there are lots of Tiffany glass panels and windows throughout!
This is how it looked circa 1990 before it re-opened a decade later...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pendants : Contemporary item #1302335 (stock #T 1807)
Doubled this would make a nice doll necklace. Bold hand knotted nevada lapis necklace and removable green rutilated quartz pendant both by and signed: Mimi Dee - Sterling...
All Items : Artists : Paintings : Contemporary item #1197176 (stock # 1785)
TWO LEFT! Signed American original framed mini oil on canvas landscape paintings by this self learned painter:
A) Cove Ogunquit Maine - Marginal Way -beach rocks - marine image 5x7"; also knife painted as oil #1183898 is 144 Each
B) SOLD - Enchanted Woodlands with rushing water image 5x7";
C) SOLD. Mirage with a southwestern mood and palette 5x7";
D) Birches By The Lake image 3.5 X 5" is $99...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #1185270 (stock #T 1781)
This would be cute doubling as a choker on a doll. All metal is sterling silver. Made in America original hand wrought cuff bracelet in a USA studio by and signed by the maker as: Handmade - Mimi Dee - Sterling.

Seen here a blue purple aventurine art glass goldstone 1 3/8" round disc and one amethyst semiprecious gemstone with four real yellow beads in the center...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Cufflinks : Contemporary item #1167269 (stock #T 1743)
All metal is sterling silver and Made in USA. Only one. Designed and hand hammered in a USA studio by one set of hands. Two sided square cufflinks / cuff links designed, cut, hand wrought, fabricated by and signed by the studio metal work artist as: Handmade - Sterling - Mimi Dee.

9/16" square with an 8mm X 5mm faceted rich plum genuine amethyst on each side - just over 5 carats TW. Gems mined outside of the US...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1161065 (stock #T 1742)
Made in USA. This curls or waves motif hand hammered signed studio copper necklace pendant was designed, hand wrought, hammered by and signed with metal work maker's mark: Handmade - Mimi Dee.

Mixed metals of copper and sterling were used to make this "one of". A fancy long and short sterling chain was added to yield 18 1/4" around. Legal: All images design concept content text solely owned by Mimi Dee and may not be reproduced in any manner...

All Items : Artists : Fashion : Accessories : Contemporary item #1143455 (stock #T 1734)
All metal is sterling silver. In a USA studio this silver kinetic biomorphic sculptural metal work pendant was hand wrought and shaped by and signed: Sterling Handmade Mimi Dee...
All Items : Artists : Paintings : New item #1361878 (stock #T1842)
Sold - Thank you! Signed original American landscape painting on linen depicting a lush wooded scene with a soft butter background, and birches in the mid to the blazing right foreground. A stream begins in the back flowing to the left front.

Title: Birches and Stream. ID #0225130707 - Sold - thank you!
Image size: 8" X 10" on professional archival 100% linen panel.
Framed: 11 1/8" X 13 1/8" in a beautiful professional hand applied gold leaf closed corner gallery frame.

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : New item #1361874 (stock #T1843)
Sold - Thank you! Hand knotted necklace made with 14mm pink Peruvian opal, 8 mm round aquamarine, 5mm moonstones and 4mm bi-cone Swarovski silver/gray beads. Designed, knotted and signed with the maker's mark: Miimi Dee - Sterling - Handcrafted in USA. All metal is sterling silver, which through the decades will achieve that rich patinated "antique, heirloom" look.

Please collect with confidence after reviewing the dozens of Trocadero verified testimonials, then view All Extreme close u...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1354957 (stock #T1836)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Sold - Thank you! Similar carat weight starts @ $360
Sold Thank You! Fabulous necklace with 75 carats of amethysts! Stamped STERLING plus artist maker's mark of MIMI DEE; designed and created in a USA studio. Only One! Reminding one of late 19th to early 20th century jewelry. This necklace made with 75 carats of rich purple plum faceted Amethysts in 4 sizes - some are micro faceted.
Large bold big juicy purple 7/8" - 22mm X 16mm real purple faceted gem at center as the pendant. All real, never faux!
The fancy hook is hand forged,ha...
All Items : Artists : Paintings : Contemporary item #1331844 (stock #T 1824)
Mimi Dee Artwear
SOLD - Thank You!
An original signed American oil landscape painting depicting a path through what appears to be a well worn sandy path through a woodland with bright spring or summer greenery and beyond are mountains with what could be a large raptor or condor in the sky. Signed lower right as the self learned painter: Mimi Dee

Title: Woodland Path III ID #03021001-13

Original work by this self learned artist has been exhibited in various area fine art association shows since the 90s and at the previousl...