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You will not find me personally participating in any social sites.

Besides collecting and providing hundreds of vintage / antique treasures and my own signed works for hundreds of happy clients these 30+ years...

"I take painting daily seriously. It becomes more and more a source of personal triumph and bliss as I venture out less."

While living out West I retired as an ICU RN charge nurse at a young age to return to creative pursuits by starting my first gallery of fiber artwear and jewelry.

At 19, on my own and without a moment's regret, a choice was made between my two great loves: the study of art and history or that of the fascinating health sciences. The former would not have readily earned a self supporting living that the latter could.

Art would wait.

Unfortunately there is not a list of BFAs and MFAs earned, nor a litany of art masters / smiths under whom I have studied, as I am self taught by trial and more trial. Not by choice but by circumstances that have foisted a rather reclusive way of life upon me after closing my third and last store in 1999. Fortunately for me a love of art has been with me since childhood.

My creative interests have always been so numerous, pushing me to experiment and to see "what can I do by myself" resulting in a few decades of trials and errors to achieve the look that pleases me.

As my career and travels took me from South Central USA throughout various Western states, finally arriving here where I have resided with my New Englander husband these 30+ years, I sketched, photographed and noted what would become many future paintings.

Upon arrival in New England it was easy to see why so many painters have painted here for generations, yet only a couple of those have managed to somewhat capture the glorious, expansive Western vistas that have held the imagination of hundreds of famous painters. Still, both backdrops are like beautiful fraternal twins providing so many artists so much inspiration!

My workaholic nature, running my last studio / store alone 60 - 70 hours a week, left no time for oil lessons. There were no art instructors giving oil lessons at 10 o'clock at night! The creative output has occurred in a vacuum often with only the collecting patron providing the feedback.

This lack of "art training" nor the circumstances that inhibit my outings can keep me from working at painting every day, as I study, although alone, by reading, sketching, practicing and painting again and again.

"My wish is that if the collector enjoys my works only half as much as as I enjoyed creating them, then I am indeed blessed."


STATEMENT: Current trends are of little interest to me preferring to produce works my way. That many, many patrons have shared my affection for my pieces is the ever coveted icing on the cake.

I have absolutely no desire to produce shiny, commercial jewelry store looking work, instead preferring to create naive looking yet more soundly sculptural pieces. My jewelry may appear naive yet be a well constructed heirloom.

By the same token, my metalwork jewelry is not named. For others it is so cute, but for me it would be the silliest thing that I could do!

You may not find me describing the meaning of my metal work, because that too could be tedious. Of course once the piece is acquired, when asked by the collector, what fun to share my possible inspirations and we can name the piece together.

Paintings: my wish is to provide archival oil and acrylic painted works at times playing with some academic rules, except for the "fat over lean" rule which is sincerely observed. Much fun can be had with proportion and perspective. Experimentation with reversals by placing cool hues in the foreground and warm in the back along with less detailed foregrounds can be noted from time to time.

Although the painterly style has produced some of my early and destroyed past paintings, currently this method is less pursued as the dab, dab, dabbing of the canvas makes me feel a bit unsettled. Slapping a painting together in a couple of sessions is just not for me. The more languid stokes leaving those more "defined" edges, give me the sense of order that I consciously seek. Often the only control to be had is at the end of a brush; as I paint for my comfort, to please myself and my patrons.

My paintings, were it not for the fact that they are portraits or of places that I have visited, would probably not be titled. Pieces that have been or may be entered in art show exhibits are titled to facilitate the jurying and program process. Currently there are over 100 oils that have never been made available for viewing and most may remain so.

The pieces may develop as a result of the journey that my passion, my heart and my hands take or just because that is what is.

Regarding my paintings: there may be hints, questions or hidden symbols. Thank you in advance for allowing me my musings...

PS: You will Not find me personally participating or posing on any social sites, although my works may appear The only authorized sites are;;;;;;, & That is it! Any other info found elsewhere is unauthorized and likely incorrect.


Oil or Acrylic Paintings: To create art work that when viewed it may allow the viewer to feel as if he or she is the first or the only one to arrive there. Unless specifically painting a building or a person, you may not find many man made items in my paintings.

Perhaps because of my inner restless nature, I seek to paint placid, serene locales. Noisy results are just not for me at the moment.

JEWELRY: To create hand fabricated, one-of-a-kind, somewhat primitive looking, signed studio sterling or fine silver jewelry sculptures, sometimes using Mother Nature's own pearls and semi-precious gem stones, not as an afterthought but to add a splash of color to what one hopes to be known for, and that is the generous use of precious metal.

Most pieces be they pendants, bracelets, pins, rings, etc. are hand fabricated, in a private USA studio, from beginning to end from ONE piece of precious metal without cutting or soldering. Almost like making a sketch without lifting your pencil.

Also find a few signed 14K or 18K Gold, 99.9% fine silver, occasionally high standard14K heavy clad goldfilled, and due to rising metal costs, more recently hand hammered copper, with brass soon to come. All at very fair competitive prices for "one of" signed studio pieces.

To create these pieces completely by hand , just as primitive jewelry was made centuries ago, without the use of modern tools. In fact, just like the Arts & Crafts period jewelry makers of 100 years ago disdained the use of modern tools, none are used here. Look for tiny tool marks capriciously left behind as a testament to the proud wearer and serious studio jewelry collector that one pair of hands, not machines, made this very special, collectible piece!

Search for this Maker's Mark: HANDMADE MIMI DEE STERLING on the studio pieces, more recently .999FS (purest silver) and the HANDCRAFTED IN USA MIMI DEE STERLING tag on the other usually handknotted jewelry, which is sure to make your pieces quite collectible, as a book is in the plans of this artist's signed work.

CLOTHING: Now less frequently and for established apparel clients only: To create artful jackets that never go out of style, that 'forgive' the wearer when weight is gained, and that are un-lined so that they may be worn 10 months a year. To create them with natural fiber such as silk, linen, cotton, tencel, etc., using designer fabrics, such as Lauren, Ungaro, Buchman, Tracey, to name a few. To create these wearable art pieces with pre-washed designer fabric, that can be hand-laundered or dry-cleaned. To create & embellish these happy pieces using 100 year old buttons or to handpaint them using artists' paints.

...lastly, as each piece is made, to 'send' good intentions to the collector:
"May this person enjoy Peace, Good Health, Love, Acceptance & Prosperity" and most importantly, "may they share these blessings with those around them!"


Mimi, an American, landscape painter, signed sterling silver studio metalwork jewelry artist and art to wear apparel artist is completely self-taught. A "Southcentraler", she retired as an RN at a young age to pursue her creative dreams. While living out West, she (born, remains a girl) met & fell in love with her "New Englander" husband (born, remains a boy). They married here and still live in New England.

Miss Dee operated her third and final store/gallery/studio for several years until 1999. The philosophy always being to create one-of-a-kind, signed pieces and give the best, courteous customer service one can give. It was not uncommon to spend 3-4 hours with one client, seeing most on an appointment only basis to provide this "Southern Style" service complemented with snacks, beverages and fine chocolates.

A psychologist - customer use to come in to the store between patients for some "retail therapy". More recently, sadly, while viewing a December 2012 tragic event on TV, the superintendent of schools being interviewed is none other than a client who in 1996 visited, collected and commissioned work from the once open Mimi Dee Artwear studio store.

On one occasion, a suitcase was packed full of newly commissioned art to wear apparel for a busy Reading, MA physician, who was on her way to Logan airport (6AM) to show at a televised dog show. This physician had commissioned this multi faceted artist to create a suitcase full of wearable art apparel. One plastic surgeon wears Ms. Dee's artful jackets to her busy office. Why not, aren't they as comfortable as lab coats, but far more stylish?

A couple of attorneys wear this artist's signed jewelry to the office & court, although the ornate clothing not to litigate! A well known Boston sports writer wears MIMI DEE ORIGINAL fiber art apparel when she has appeared on T V while covering the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. One client who had been ill, "threw" on her Mimi Dee hand-painted denim duster for her Dr.'s visit only to be told, 'you look fabulous!'...even "curb delivery service" was provided for wheel chair bound clients.

Alas... This brick & mortar business no longer exists, but signed pieces continue to be created for the many clients, who reside in three continents. The sounds of their happy shopping voices are sadly missed. Current and commissioned work is available to interested select galleries and for this internet business of Keeping in touch by 'real' mail with many established clients and art patrons jewelry collectors who continue to support and collect this work is a continued practice.

Ms Dee still creates and finishes all the work alone in this USA studio (not open to the public) and has never out sourced.


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