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When you like critter jewelry and Mexican sterling are a couple dozen for your selection:

cat, owl, parrot, donkey, fish, birds, lizard
along with ethnographic faces. Feathers, floral, stars....

You will find tiger eye, horn, malachite, turquoise, onyx, amethyst, abalone inlay, color change syn. alexandrite.

Cufflinks (Margarita Taxco 980), pins, pendant/pin (one has 18K gold accents), rings, bracelets, earrings, combs, necklace, cuffs.

Pre assay, assay, signed, listed, "hecho en" and more!

.... with your USA personal or Business Check or USPS Money Order - to be mailed to a USA address.

Please add $9 for USPS Priority/Insurance/Track for the first item then $1 extra for Each additional item.
In the case of assortment listing, 50% off is on Each - not on lot price.

Collect with confidence. 14th year on the web; same web address, same POB address...same phone number.
Please check the 90+ Verified Testimonials.
$59 minimum purchase

To start your selections---Please cut and paste:

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ART NEWS: Upcoming art show info please see
and the Show Exhibits Schedule link:

Will be exhibiting In Oct/Nov and another show in November - please check above in late September and late October for updates.


Auction here at ends September 27, 2015

Two items so far Include:
Your choice of either circa 1900 sash buckle pin ornament brooch....more added later.
one is an unsigned George Steere brooch and both display strong Art Nouveau designs.
Do Not miss out! Just visit then...

Just search: auction

Rolling Back Sterling Silver Prices to 2002 - Select Items - Ends July 4. 2015

A dozen years ago when shipping costs were half, merchant credit card fees were a third and silver was a fourth of what it is today, there was a brisk business to be had at this site. Today, reminiscent of those times, prices of over 200 items have been lowered temporarily.

Low enough to help young adults to begin their vintage or antique collections.
Speaking of young adults collecting, recently a 13 year old purchased an oil painting by this painter.
Begin to browse with the Lowest priced items first.

HOW: Any items marked $59 Each are now $39 Each;
any marked $89 Each or lower are now $59 Each.
No limit. Sales final. Please be aware that some lots / listing are price as “Each”; please read all descriptions carefully.
103 listings with more than 200 items available at these low prices.

WHEN: now through July 4, 2015.
WHAT: partial listing available as sterling silver signed cufflinks, rings, pencils, blister pearls, enamels, Walter Lampl, Felch & Co, Danecraft, Carl Ove Frydensberg, Providence Stock Co, A Dragsted, Tara Ware, Peruzzi, Peruana, Beau, Villasana, Otto R Bade, ORB, Forstner, Napier, Carlos Diaz, Maisel’s, Baer, Satsuma, Margarita Taxco, Bates and B, Wightman Hough.

Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Arts Crafts, Retro, Modernist, Mid century, Mexican, Taxco, Limoges, Israel, Amita damascene, Chinese glass bangles. Mourning jewelry, buckles, sash pins, book chain.

Picture buttons, Paris back, Canio, ruffled hand, peter pan, ivy, fence, berries, hankerchief corner, Last Supper, Lillian Russell, Madonna & Child, Evangeline, Gay 90s, A P & Cie, Depose, Satsuma, paperweights, dragonfly, angel, Aesop’s, FOP, cut steel, porcelain. Some are multi button lots for $39, while some larger ones are priced as "Each".

Small boxes, fobs, lorgnette, long chains, butterfly wing, jelly opal, goldstone, art glass, horse, elephant, donkey, cat, gekko, geese, lizard, owl, fish, parrot, floral, mixed metals, rhodium, black glass, wood, scabbard clip, rings, bracelets, pin sets, earrings, lockets, necklace, etc.

Turquoise, amethyst, amber, pearls, apatite, jade, nephrite, abalone, real scarab beetle, and a few new pieces made by this site’s owner, just to name a few examples at these low prices.

WHO: receiving US postal mail in the lower 48 states only.
Those who remit payment with a USPS Money Order or USA personal check by those who have strong internet / email presence, repeat clients of this site, dealers at well known sites, or Trocadero dealers.

No limit. All sales final. First orders take first available.
USPS/Ins/Track $4.50 (half price) and just $1 for each additional lot.

Questions? 978 975 5148 - 1-7pm EST - begin your voicemail please giving time to pick up.


Early holiday shopping special promotions at Mimi Dee Artwear

No, it is not too early to consider the special young folks on your shopping list who have everything, yet may wish to receive gifts not readily found in the big stores. What better way to start the next generation of collectors? You may be surprised to find that they might just enjoy quaint little vintage or antique jewelry and other cunning collectible gifts!

Here at, we could like to help. Please search the code: promo

to find gifts that you can take 50% off. Yes, 50% off and free USPS mail/track! Through December 2014.

At these low prices the following is also true:
Minimum purchase: $59 (please combine)
USA check or USPS MO payments accepted for this special promotion
Offer good in lower 48 states

Once you make the above quirky selections, have you considered signed American fine art or signed studio jewelry as a noteworthy gift? If so, please visit and select truly distinctive gifts under GALLERY OF ORIGINALS by Mimi Dee at mid left of any catalog page. The particular ones on your list will thank you!

Thank you for visiting and shopping here!

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You are invited to browse this site, then choose the item or items to be placed on reserve for 3 months. Please select the "Order Now" option, complete the order form with name, address, phone number, etc requesting your items for this "Reserve Special"

With your USA check or USPS Money order, you will receive Free USPS Prior/Ins/Track.

This offer is good in lower 48 states. No international available. Start now with your USA check or USPS MO! Or call 978 975 5148 Voice Mail - please begin to leave your message. Mon-Sat 1-7pm EST.

Thank you for shopping at!

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ANTIQUE BUTTON COLLECTORS - Please search: button or auction

UPDATE: In late May I broke both my right foot and left ankle, keeping me several weeks away from my desk and have not been able to catch up! Will try to resume adding more antique button listings just as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience.

Within the next few weeks and months, you will be able to find parts of a 15,000+, 30+ year old button collection. Generous 20 - 50% off (does not include the jewelry made with buttons) when making multiple purchases and using your USA Ck or USPS MO - you will earn FREE USPS priority/Ins/DC. Every material and motif possible! Minimum purchase is $59 and may be combined to meet.

Please visit and search: button. Please view every image of every button listing to see the assorted buttons and prices. Some are available as lots.

Remember to check weekly and check every image.

Please use the inquire/order button if you have questions, leave your name and number and I will call to discuss. Placing your order and filling out the order form completely will we be confirmed quickly. USA only

You may wish to call 978 975 5148 M-Sat 1-7pm EST. Please begin to record your message, as this will give me time to reach the phone. All calls are answered by voicemail.

UPDATE: My sincerest apologies, dear button collectors, I know you have been checking weekly. This has turned out to be a daunting job to list so many buttons! What with painting oils, and custom work, have not been able to photograph 1000s of buttons!

Please consider calling me and requesting what You would like to see listed and will attempt to do so . Thank you for your patience!


Fun Distinct Little Gifts Under $60 at Mimi Dee Artwear

The holiday shopping season is just around the corner. One may be tempted to struggle through the big stores to shop for those over priced, mass produced ho hum gifts, or worse yet take a chance shopping online elsewhere hoping that you will receive what was promised.

Worry free shopping can be found here at Mimi Dee Artwear; one of many successful, professionally run shops at Trocadero. Here at Mimi Dee Artwear we are starting our 11th year! Read the dozens of Trocadero verified testimonials for more worry free shopping.

What can you find for under $60? Many vintage pieces such as pre ban ivory, satsuma buttons, hand painted tote bags, Czech glass, necklaces, saphiret, cufflinks, rings, cape buckles, amber hair ornaments, bronze letter openers, fobs, glass bangles, flapper crystal earrings and necklaces, butterfly wing, bakelite, portrait pins, enamel, sash pins, camphor, blister pearl, Egyptian, shamrock, grapes, daisy, gibson girl, face motifs, mourning, not to mention signed sterling pieces by Amita, Maisel's, Walter Lampl, Taxco, Native American, Felch & Co, Carl Ove Frydenberg, of Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco to Modernist eras.

A little bit of this and that for many on your hard to please gift giving list, and under $60! To find these specially priced treasures, sort by price at any page.

When you wish to give more, perhaps consider one of my signed studio sterling silver sculpture metalwork jewelry. Find the only-one signed gifts under Gallery of Originals by Mimi Dee at mid lower left of any page. Consider commissioning a signed, hand painted presentation box sure to double its future value.

Always free USPS Priority/Ins/DC & free gift wrap with your USA check or USPS MO. Ho hum gifts at those stores or a special shopping experience here at Mimi Dee Artwear and Trocadero?



Take your instant jewelry special when remitting your US check or Money order two ways:

1) Earn free Priority Mail/Ins and/or:

2) Please search: duo or trio or lot to find lot/net multiple purchase specials!
(Savings of 10 to 25%!)

Gentle reminder: Birthday or Gift Certificate specials also are redeemable with US CK or MO
and are to be figured on the original/regular prices (not on lot/net specials or charitable items please)

Questions? Please call: (978)975-5148 to leave your order or order related message.


Established Customer Happy Birthday Special:

On your special day, treat yourself again and take 20% off + Free US Mail/Ins on any
Non Lot or Non Net or Non Charitiable item

when remitting your USA Check or Money Order to:
MIMI DEE ARTWEAR - PO Box 458 - Methuen, MA 01844

(978)975-5148 please leave order or order related message.

Please mention this to receive your special price, as the % off is not automatic.

PS: When choosing any art work crafted by and/or signed: HANDMADE MIMI DEE, another 10% goes to charity.



FREE USA Mail & Insurance (with USA Ck or MO) jewelry only under 1 lb lower 48

Otherwise $5.00 Plus must have Insurance as follows:

Up to $100 value (2.25 Ins.)
$100.01 - $200 (2.75)
$200.01 - $300 (4.70)
$300.01 - $400 (5.70)
$400.01 - $500.00 (6.70)
$500.01 - $600.00 (7.70)
$600.01 & up (7.70 + $1.00 for ea $100 value not exceed $5000.00).

Also must have:

US Mail Delivery Confirmation: 80 cents with all orders. (Free with USA Ck or MO)

US Mail Signature Confirmation: $2.35 for all apartment, condo or business adresses. (Free with USA Ck or MO)

Mimi Dee Artwear ongoing promotion:
FREE USA Mail/Ins with your US CK or MO to USA Mail Delivery addresses.

UPS: Not available.

For many years we gladly paid all mail/ship costs but now that UPS, USA Mail rates and huge MC/VISA merchant fees have been raised, and so it goes.

Still, Mimi Dee Artwear continues to attempt to help make your daily and special gift giving shopping experience be as stress free and fun as possible.

As always Free Gift Wrap on small items, please choose Solid; Floral; Holiday;

UPDATE: Acceptance of credit cards temporarily suspended

INTERNATIONAL: This service is NO longer available.


September 2005


Charitable Donations

Please consider becoming a charitable partner by going to then search:


to find numerous items of interest and receive a hand hammered copper gift for your participation. Please note that each indicates the amount that will be donated to charity.

Currently, the charities of choice are The Salvation Army (hurricane season) or The Fisher House Foundation, which helps house the families of wounded soldiers while they visit the recovering soldiers during their lengthy hospital stays.

While these donations are made annonymously, a copy of the donation monetary vehicle will be made available upon request.

Please join in this effort. Although no birthday or promotional percentages are taken on charitable items, you will receive a hand hammered copper gift made by me for you.

Thank you kindly, Mimi

Thank you for giving MADE IN AMERICA this season and It is Never Too Late for MIMI DEE ARTWEAR gift certificates. Gift Certificates have been made available these many years in denominations of of $100, 150, 200, and up. When the inventory consists of hard to find vintage jewelry pieces and this studio's own One of a Kind Signed Studio Sterling Pieces, it is often wise to reserve gift certificates for those special ones on your list.
Give the gift that pleases the sense of individuality, give a Mimi Dee Artwear gift certificate today!



During the next few weeks Mimi Dee Artwear will be listing wonderful little low priced treasures from local New England estates, priced as low as $59! Also search the "duo", "trio" or "lot" specials. Please don't let these low prices be mistaken for lack of quality. While Baby Boomers divest themselves of their collections, it is imperative that a new young crop of vintage jewelry collectors start their collecting. If you are a Teen and see something you like, please tell your parents, aunts, uncles or grandparents to help you start your own jewelry collection right here at Trocadero's About Mimi's Gems!



For all Established Clients who have made Purchases from MIMI DEE ARTWEAR these many, many years:

Please take 20% off total orders on Your Birthday Month

This is the only time you are able to acquire any Signed Mimi Dee Originals at less than regular price!

Gift-Wrapped Surprise with your 'Birthday Month' yearly purchase!

FREE USA Mail on Jewelry
To better save Collectors' money and time (emailing for ship rate info),
Mimi Dee Artwear will mail provide FREE USA Mail on Jewelry when remitting your USA check or money order. Framed paintings require fee.


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