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All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #461084 (stock #T1404 A or B)
Choose A or B. Mother nature did it all, leaving the design and assemblage of these substantial yummy 13mm fresh water pearl & 22K Gold on Sterling Silver Vermeil earring trio, to this jewelry maker in a USA studio. All real, never faux here!
Each pair is 2 1/4".
(A) Peach Pink Pearl, peridot & garnet;
(B) Same light pink sea gem;
(C) Same sea gem & garnet. Not sold here separately. Prefer that this be collected along with necklace # 418761; ask for special combined price...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Contemporary item #350921 (stock #T 1140)
ALL METAL IS 18K GOLD. Precious metals' prices keep going up!
Two separate bracelet and earring pieces designed hand knotted and assembled in a USA studio with real - never faux here - sapphires and high nacre seed pearls.
(A) Earrings 1" $196.
(B) Hand knotted bracelet at 7 3/4" - $196.
Threaded genuine precious faceted pink red, green & pink orange 4x3 mm Sapphire gems and high nacre white 3.5 mm natural pearls with 18K GOLD precious metal.

$11 each USPS Priority/Ins/...

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Contemporary item #582737 (stock #T 1527)
ALL METAL IS 18K GOLD. It keeps going up for this precious metal and this tourmaline gemstone!
Two separately priced pieces designed, hand knotted, assembled in a USA studio with graduated tones of light to dark watermelon pink, graduated tones of light to dark watermelon rind green Tourmaline, 18K Gold beads, hand knotted high nacre 9mm Coin Pearl with vibrant strong flashes of pink lavender teal, ending in a 750 tested aurum S hook and rings. All real, never faux here!
(A) The 16...
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #481967 (stock #T1455 A or B)
Choose either pair of earrings made with 22K Gold on Sterling silver vermeil and semi precious gems earrings with the look of rich fine gold at much less than costume jewelry and 'designer' prices. All real, never faux here!
(A) Faceted lemon quartz & amethyst- 1 3/4" north to south -fancy earwire- must see image 3 to appreciate;
(B) Victorian & Suffragettes favorite gems that being peridot, amethysts and white pearls, these being Akoya. 1 3/4" north to south - fancy earwire. Must see...
All Items : Artists : Fashion : Apparel : Contemporary item #290858 (stock #T 770)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Special Order
Thank you Nancy and wear this in Good Health!
Who said, 'I love it...may want some embellishments done on other jackets...'
REPLY to DS: Please leave your phone # or call 978 975 5148 1-7pm EST to discuss. Only 4 blanks left for custom painting one each size: 16, 18, 20, 24. With Spring chill still in the air up here in the North East, this Denim Jacket Blazer hand painted by and signed Mimi Dee is still very wearable. In fact Long Denim Coats have been seen worn by beach goers in late June at Maine's beaches! Brrrrrr! Although the garment was Not constructed by the painter, special highly pigmented artists' ...
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Sets : Contemporary item #750042 (stock #T1608 A or B)
Aquamarine & Amethyst bracelet with charm was designed, made by and signed: Sterling - Mimi Dee. 22k Gold on Sterling Vermeil was used as accents and all total approx 200 Carats of lush cool ocean blue green dreamy mossy aquamarine (a beryl) and just yummy amethysts, both magical gemstones. You won't be able to stop touching or looking at them. Priced separately:
(A) Bracelet approx 140 carats - 8 1/4" interior. 295 ;
(B) Ear/135.

$12 USPS priority/ins/track ea or free w/USA Ck...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #580839 (stock #T 1524)
Signed earwires are 14K Gold. Own the only one. Made in USA. In a USA studio, the earwires were hand wrought and stamped: 14K, which keeps going up.

North to south: 2 3/8"
Green Praseolite Amethyst are 9mm X 5mm
8mm X 5mm natural highly brilliant Mandarin Orange color Spessarite or Spessartite garnet gemstones (real - never faux here!) from other lands. The color is like that of a pumpkin diamond.
They are framed within the hand hammered metal frames by and stamped:
Handmade ...

All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Sets : New item #853413 (stock #1673)
What a buy! Choose from any signed 3 piece set of hand knotted necklace, earrings and removable pendants:

A)Red rutilated quartz & moss agate;
B)Carnelian & peach aventurine;
C) Chinese writing stone jasper;
and/or D) Brecciated or poppy jasper. The last pendant (D) is hand fabricated hand hammered sterling silver. All signed by this maker. Similar sets like this have sold for almost double this special price and that was years ago before precious metal prices doubled and tri...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pendants : Contemporary item #1074827 (stock #1721)
All metal is sterling silver. Made in USA. Bold and unusual. Hand wrought in the Modernist tradition and from one piece of silver, in a USA studio this bold signed original design substantial sterling sculpture pendant was hand wrought by and signed: Handmade - Sterling - Mimi Dee.

2 1/2" north to south X 1 1/2" wide X 1 1/2" deep. After the hand wrought sculptural metalwork piece was finished, a dreamy, faceted
16mm 25 carat genuine blue lace agate bead was placed within
Color cha...

All Items : Artists : Fashion : Accessories : Purses : Contemporary item #1072580 (stock #1719)
With so many of our local MA communities banning plastic bags, carry your not so tiny pet dog, yummy baguettes, sexy beach togs, fresh cut flowers or organic vegetables in style!
Signed: Mimi
Oversize heavy canvas fiber bag hand painted in a cabbage rose motif with quality, permanent, artists' acrylics, then signed by the artist: Mimi.
Only 2 left.

(A) Hot rose pink or
(B) Plum purple tones.
16" X 16" X 5.5 base".
Home decor use: holds guests' towels, bath robes, ...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Sets : Pre 2000 item #727899 (stock #T 1597 )
For the Capricorn or January or red birth gem stone collector, this 6 pc, 8.9 ounces or 253 grams of signed studio silver: Mimi Dee Handmade Sterling and approx 1000 or 900+ carats of rich red garnet parure. Hand knotted necklace, bracelet, pendant, earrings, pinky ring, and power ring. Please collect with confidence after reviewing the dozens of Trocadero verified testimonials. Must see every extreme close up image for full details & dimensions, as all Qs will be answered Here in lieu of ema...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #806851 (stock #T 1653 A, B)
Made in America. Modern original geometric hand hammered metal and gemstone earrings wrought in a USA studio by and with the maker's mark of: Handmade - Mimi Dee - a completely self taught metal work jewelry maker.
(A) 2 1/4" signed copper pair has gf handmade earwires, while
(B) 2 1/2" signed pair is all sterling. Each pair is 126 and each has real gemstones - never faux here!
Special: $176 both pair -net lot net + Free USPS Priority/ins/Track with your USA Ck or USPS MO and s...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Sets : Contemporary item #153314 (stock #T 257)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Signed Original
Thank you Diane!

Proudly "Made in USA"

Another Silver Sculpture Set Signed: MIMI DEE Sterling. A challenging Special Order for one of this metalwork jewelry artist's many Clients. The bracelet (see listing above), hammered and hand wrought until links were shaped without soldering! NO assembly here! NO imported pieces! All Originally made in a USA Studio...just as the modernists did back in the 50's...

This signed studio metalwork jewelry artist who also paints oils has made fiber art to wear garments in the past and does not...

All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #761383 (stock #T1626 a,b, c)
Bracelet season is here. Choose from any of the three Made in USA by and all signed Mimi Dee and Sterling with much sought after Australian Mookaite or Moukaite or Mook Jasper & Ocean Jaspers. Choose from:

(A) Bangle bracelet with 6 Lush green Ocean or Orbicular Jasper and 8 permanently fashion dyed red coral threaded on 14 guage silver with 2 charms; 2 1/4" inside across - 76 grams. Image 2 for more info.
(B) Hand knotted green 7 Ocean Jasper with 2 charms; Lots of fish eyes or silica...

All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Sets : Contemporary item #905943 (stock #T 1691)
24K gold plated Edwardian Art Nouveau Victorian inspired set of a festoon necklace with chain swags and earrings both with the highly sought vintage color change Neodymium alexandrite art glass - first used by Leo Moser - drops that transition from a subtle lavender in natural light to a light periwinkle blue under a lamp! Neodymium "alexandrite" glass was first used by Leo Moser in 1927. The 24K gold plated metal has an antiqued finish and is in new never owned condition.

Neck: end to end ...