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All Items : Popular Collectibles : Specialty : Sewing : Pre 1900 item #1179884 (stock #1771)
Two French button lots:

(A) Theatre arts people, Is this Canio or Pierrot? Late 1800s antique French Victorian brass metal picture button marked in back: Paris - Depose - A P & Cie in superb condition! 1 7/16". In the button collecting world known as Canio of Pagliacci. A little softening at the nose where it should be, this 100 years later! 10 grams
(B) French Depose 1 3/8" hand painted porcelain paisley with DEPOSE mark above the self shank: images 4, 5 & 6.

$10 USPS Priorit...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Metals : Brass : Pre 1910 item #1179879 (stock #1770)
What a buy! Instant antique button collection. One 27 piece lot of fancy ornate 1880s Victorian some vintage some antique metal button with cut steel rivets:
(A) Some painted & 1" steel cup; Image 1 & 2 (backs)
(B) Some painted filigree Czech (?) & 1" stl cup, plus; Image 2 & 3 (backs)
(C) T W & W Paris & Deponirt, dyed pearl, plus. Image 5 & 6 (backs) 27 total all nice! Clean backs from being mounted on show cards for decades.

$12 USPS Priority/Ins/Track or Free with your U...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Metals : Brass : Pre 1900 item #1179832 (stock #1769)
Antique picture buttons part of a collection ending in the late 70s. Until now, these have never seen the internet light of day.
(B) 50+ pc berries, cherry, corn, strawberry, pear, plant life, cut steel, wood on steel cup pair, pewter, tinted, 1/4" - 1 1/2". Please view images 5-7 for details. Instant collection!

Sold (A) 14 pc net collection Victorian picture button themes: putti dragonfly, angel swing, putto fountain, angel wall, Paris back Aesop's wolf & crane, FOP, bird fence ste...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Metals : Brass : Pre 1900 item #1179830 (stock #1768)
Four lots priced at $59 each, please view special below:
(A) Antique Victorian engraved handkerchief corner 3 pc construction, brass, 12 facet cut steel pictorial ivy fence button 1 3/8" as seen in BBB. OR
(B) Same motif escutcheon through 1 1/4" steel disc. OR
(C) Leaves berries escutcheon through 1 1/2" stl disc; OR
(D) 14 pc waistcoats all have riveted steel, dyed blue purple, pearl, multi piece construction.

Please examine each image to appreciate!
> $12 each USPS Prio...

All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Contemporary item #1179467 (stock #T 1767 A,B,C)
Use these to make period doll pendants. Purists: No antiques were harmed nor altered in the making of these "one of" jewelry items:
(A) necklace and earring set. Circa 1800 antique cut steel buttons, shanks intact, used for this original set for your favorite collector. Shown on new sterling silver.
Ears 1": made with a 5/8" (16mm), 17 steel rivets on gold gilt button - sterling marked hand made hooks.
Necklace/pendant 25mm 1" button: 13 steel rivets on ornate gold gilt brass. ...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Jewelry : Costume : Pre 1900 item #1179439 (stock #1766)
Button collectors here is jewelry for your garments or your competition tray. All circa 1900. Note: Assorted prices.
(A) Gay 90s Jewels. Red crimson amber blue green or amethyst color facet glass stones with fab brass designs, one is signed Gesetzlich- from 1 3/8" to 1 3/4": any 2/$59 order and
(B) Victorian 90s pearl steel: 1 3/4 - Riveted 12 facet cut steel, 5/8" highly iridescent nacre abalone pearl jewel center and warm golden textured brass, makes this a must collectible! ...
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #1179360 (stock #T 1765)
Combining the old with the new. In a USA studio this original New signed bracelet with genuine gemstones and vintage art glass which include: faceted 15mm blue lace agate, rich plum amethyst and color change vintage alexandrite art glass, was designed, knotted by, then signed: Mimi Dee, STERLING on the hand wrought silver catch.
That makes this a collectible must for the bracelet collector.
Let these dreamy blue lace agate gemstones attract soothing, calming, loving moments to you. ...
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #1179066 (stock #T 1764 A B C)
Original design rich lush warm 24K GP texture book chain charm bracelet trio to choose any or all with numerous Victorian glass and brass buttons. Choose any at $126 each or all at a special offer.
(A) 12 black glass in red, green, yellow & one cornucopia, steel cut tinted brass, 7 1/4 interior X 10mm. or
(B) 16 vintage amethyst color, purple poured 20mm glass tear drop charms, 7 1/4" interior. or
(C) 12 - 12mm Victorian buttons: 2 each perfume and cut steel, foliate, snowfl...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Other Metals : Arts and Crafts : Pre 1910 item #1177895 (stock #T 1763)
Circa 1900 brass sash pin with Art Nouveau meandering lines on Arts & Crafts weight construction and an old C catch. Showing the bezel set facet amber glass stones often seen on George N. Steere or GNS & CO work.
While not his usual figural critter piece, this brooch displays the same finish, same size and color stone (25mm x 15mm), reticulated metal design.
Seasoned collectors familiar with Steere's work often embrace his unsigned pieces.
Solid construction, heft and Art Nouveau lin...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Jewelry : Continental : Pre 1940 item #1177315 (stock #T 1761)
Hefty 50 grams! Unsigned, yet having owned several Peruzzi pieces, who else but the Florence Peruzzi Bros could produce this superbly chased ornate early collectible unsigned 800 silver lipstick case. Nice heft at 50 grams or 1.7 oz on postal scale, 2 1/4" x 3/4" and showing an 8mm bezel set turquoise color cab. Early marks: "coffin", 800 & 10. mild mirror clouding, yet the mirror is intact; see #5. Fab vintage condition.

$9 USPS Priority/Ins/Track or Free with USA Ck or USPS MO.

All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Earrings : Contemporary item #1175466 (stock #T 1760)
Earrings so juicy grapefruit red, that make you want to take a bite, but stop, they are made with vintage art glass. Only one. Must have festive ruby red poured pressed ground vintage slag art glass triangles attached to 24K custom gold plated antiqued Georgian Victorian style old stock sturdy stations.
Designed and made in a USA studio, hanging from newly hand formed 14K high American standard gold fill fish hook earwires.
Own the only pair!
3 1/2" and weighing 9 grams each.
All Items : Antiques : Instruments and Implements : Timepieces : Pocket Watches : Pre 1920 item #1174814 (stock #T 1759)
Early 20th to Art Deco articulated full fob watch chain ending in a triangle lavender plum slag glass fob drop and marked: MADE IN GERMANY. Rhodium plated brass.
5 5/8" x 3/4"; slag glass triangle is ~ 21mm X 19mm.
Wear it as a pendant. Warm rich brass peeking through in all the right places,
This "machine age" articulated watch chain feels fluid from fob to swivel. In good pre owned wearable antique condition for a 90 year old item. Have sold other similar in the past for much m...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Deco : Pre 1930 item #1174656 (stock #1757)
Reply to Ms KD: as noted here, these have perfectly working turn wheel SBs, Please see image 2.
Earrings are the first to go! These Art Deco 12mm simulated green jade stone Peking art glass bead earrings on sterling silver, no less, are a must have! The globule infused beads, made to resemble green jade, are referred by some as Chinese peking glass a sought after collectible.

The Sbs back findings are working turn wheels that are stamped: Sterling. Please see image 2.
North to Sou...

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Other Metals : Period : Pre 1910 item #1174653 (stock #1756)
Circa 1900 sash ornament that can be worn as brooch pin with wide "C" catch. The green 14mm oval art glass mottled stone, made to resemble apple green jade and referred to as Chinese peking glass, is bezel set amidst a lattice dome and highly ornate designs. You should see the globules within which is what makes this a very collectible simulated stone.
Substantial @ 3" x 2" & weighs 21 grams.
$11 USPS Priority/Ins/Track or Free with USA Ck or USPS MO.
Please collect with confiden...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Strands : Pre 1930 item #1174645 (stock #T 1755)
Quintessential Art Deco! 104 grams! At ~ 27", longer would be too heavy. 12mm frosted glass or crystal faceted beads resembling camphor glass, while the faceted "French jet" black beads are wafers, bicones, rhondells and 18mm discs for a very, very Art Deco look. These are wired in place; no cord here to break! Old filigree hook box clasp. Teenie flea bites ARE expected for this type of necklace and age. Perhaps this was once a 60" flapper (>200 grams!?) necklace, and the poor girl tiring...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Ethnic : Far Eastern : Pre 1920 item #1174545 (stock #1750)
Any 2/$59. Six vintage glass bangle bracelets. Cross collectible for Far Eastern Peking Bejing Chinese art glass bangle bracelet collectors who love the happy clinking sounds that glass makes! Assorted. Images tell dimension. Please view all images to apprediate.

(A) Either of two semi translucent blue ;
(B) Orange opaque w/ yellow red green white embedded;
(C) Green opaque ish resembling malachite, may indeed have malachite pieces embedded;
(D) 2 for price of 1 golden bambo...

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Other Metals : Period : Pre 1920 item #1173857 (stock #1747)
(A) Circa 1920 necklace with a 2 1/2" round medallion pendant decorated with an applied floral leaf ornament containing 3 prong set green glass stones resembling agate or chrysoprase.
Neck: 26" overhead 4mm chain.
(B) The ring holding a 23mm x 15mm X 5mm high oval poured green glass cab and held by 25+ fleur de lis prongs is a 6. These delightful little brass rings rarely survive in such a good condition. A/5/17
Take both with your USA ck or USPS MO.

$12 USPS Priority/Ins/ ...

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Other Metals : Period : Pre 1920 item #1173852 (stock #T 1746)
Circa 1910 highly collectible Jelly Opal art glass stick pin flashing sparkly blue and red! This art glass is also known as "dragon's breath" or "Mexican jelly opal glass" and often erroneously sold as "saphiret". These cabs have been popular from Victorian, Edwardian to Art Deco to Mid Century times. This one is of the early variety in that at a 90 degree angle approach, it shows a sandy color, until moved back and forth to flash the rich blues and orangey reds!
The bezel set 15mm x 7m...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Costume : Unsigned : Pre 1940 item #1173842 (stock #T 1745)
Vintage butterfly wing earrings in lush blue morpho lavender hues encased under a convex glass dome. The aqua to brick color change is the reason these are often erroneously referred to and sold as saphiret glass! 5/8" gold star in the center. Just under 1 7/8" across with perfectly working turn wheels. Appear to have been barely worn.

$9 USPS Priority/Ins/Track or Free with your USA Ck or USPS MO.
Please collect with confidence after reviewing the dozens of Trocadero verified test...

All Items : New Century : Fashion : Accessories : Contemporary item #1173840 (stock #T 1744)
Includes vintage removable complimentary rhodium plated signed Musi five row rhinestone clips.

Brand new without box. Just in time for the holidays never worn Ferragamo shoes pumps in black rich textured floral fabric upper, 2" heels and fine leather shiny soles. The inside is gold leather and the inner soles are marked SALVATORE FERRAGAMO - Florence - Made in Italy. 7 AAA.
During your holidays parties, dance the night away in these, showing off the FREE fabulous vintage 5 row Musi r...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Cufflinks : Contemporary item #1167269 (stock #T 1743)
All metal is sterling silver and Made in USA. Only one. Designed and hand hammered in a USA studio by one set of hands. Two sided square cufflinks / cuff links designed, cut, hand wrought, fabricated by and signed by the studio metal work artist as: Handmade - Sterling - Mimi Dee.

9/16" square with an 8mm X 5mm faceted rich plum genuine amethyst on each side - just over 5 carats TW. Gems mined outside of the US.
Legal: All images design concept content text solely owned by Mim...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1161065 (stock #T 1742)
Made in USA. This curls or waves motif hand hammered signed studio copper necklace pendant was designed, hand wrought, hammered by and signed with metal work maker's mark: Handmade - Mimi Dee.

Mixed metals of copper and sterling were used to make this "one of". A fancy long and short sterling chain was added to yield 18 1/4" around. Legal: All images design concept content text solely owned by Mimi Dee and may not be reproduced in any manner.
$11 USPS Priority/Ins/Track or free wit...

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Designer Signed : Pre 1980 item #1159926 (stock #T 1741)
Reply below: Please click image for more info at end of description. Smart animal print tortoise like pattern belt bangle expandable bracelet signed: RL, Polo mark and 93 impressed on what appears to be heavily silver plated "belt end metal part". The 93 could be the style #. 5/8" wide and expands to an oval of 2 1/2" across X 2 1/16". If not happy, please exchange.

$10 USPS priority/Ins/Track or free with USA Ck or USPS MO.
Please collect with confidence after reviewing the doze...

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Scandinavian : Pre 1970 item #1155950 (stock #T 1740)
Flower power for the ear lobes. Vintage earrings by this maker are always collectable. Clip these circa 1970 Danish clean classic floral earrings signed: Sterling Denmark N. E. From for Neils Erik From of Denmark, on your ears and step out in vintage Danish style!
1 1/4" across as a five petal flower with 5 ball motif. Classic! Large comfortable clips.
13 grams on postal scale, super condition and needing a good polishing. Decades of rich darkening!

$10 USPS Priority/Ins/Track ...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Wood : Pre 1920 item #1152241 (stock #1739)
From a collector of Chinese antiques; never seen the internet light of day. Please do not let the fair price detract from the value of this beautifully carved antique Asian Chinese cup. Also have an almost matching set of two, not seen here - one slightly rounder and an odd smaller one (total of 4 from same).
This is an early 1900s or earlier antique intricately carved rich brown coconut shell tea cup or bowl with silver color liner that appears to have been hammered into the shell and s...
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Specialty : Tobacco : Pre 1920 item #1150206 (stock #T 1738)
Art Deco with the hammered look of Arts Crafts, rose gold plated cigar cheroot cutter fob with maker's mark of Bates & B - for Bacon - and patent dated: Mar. 28, 1916.
Opening is 7mm allowing a pencilsize cigar. Does it look like a bat or a cat with a collar?
1 3/8" (includes loop) X 1".
You do not have to smoke to enjoy wearing this as a charm or as a pendant! Very nice pre owned vintage condition.

$9 USPS Priority/Ins/Track or Free with your USA Ck or USPS MO.

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Costume : Unsigned : Pre 1910 item #1150182 (stock #T 1737)
For your fave DVM: Masterful MOP carving and detail tube hinge brooch! Not often seen Victorian carved reticulated 2 pc riveted layered construction MOP mother of pearl figural rectangle pin brooch of an antlered stag reindeer buck in the forest.
1 5/8" X 1 1/4" X 5mm thick.
Flashes of light lavender, pink and aqua. Lots of hands and cameos out there but only this very Victorian stag theme brooch here.
Appears to have had safety added later as many treasured 19th century p...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Costume : Unsigned : Pre 1930 item #1150172 (stock #T 1736)
Circa 1920 to Art Deco era 36" long silver tone chain and black glass necklace lavalier sautoir with a 3" pendant or drop of a "Lalique" like finely etched and ground floral berry amber glass drop.
Floral berry etched glass drop is 1 3/8" X 7/8" X 6mm thick with nice heft.
There are a few books that describe this type of cut work as "Lalique" like. For more info please view images.
The doubled chain is 36" and has 14mm long 5 sided black glass beads (24). It has a good working spr...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Metals : Silver : Pre 1940 item #1144204 (stock #T 1735)
Pre Assay piano hinge silver pill or stamp box stamped and marked: Silver Made in Mexico. Applied ethnographic feather like design and a bezel set 7mm amethyst cab. 21 grams and could be higher than sterling. 1 1/8" X 1 3/4". While it has a nice vintage outer patina, the inside is very "white", as if when rec'd it was put away for decades and the inside never saw the light of day. Please collect with confidence after reviewing the dozens of Trocadero verified testimonials, then vi...
All Items : Artists : Fashion : Accessories : Contemporary item #1143455 (stock #T 1734)
All metal is sterling silver. In a USA studio this silver kinetic biomorphic sculptural metal work pendant was hand wrought and shaped by and signed: Sterling Handmade Mimi Dee.

A 25mm beautifully carved Ametrine gemstone from far off lands, ~ 25 carats, was caged in sterling silver then added as a dangle. All real, no faux here! Legal: All images design concept content text solely owned by Mimi Dee. The pendant is hooked on to a knotted toffee color adjustable ribbon to wear as shown o...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Jewelry : Continental : Pre 1940 item #1142548 (stock #T 1733)
Signed amethyst Peruzzi SB earrings with the earlier desirable Florence 800 Silver Mark and the added unusual FAP Italy mark. Signed: PERUZZI FLORENCE 800 SILVER and FAP ITALY.
These 80% silver SBs are covered with a warm gold finish and hold 10mm faceted yummy amethyst bezel set stones.
7/8" and very little gold wear where expected for age and use: turn wheels and at the loop that hugs the lobe.

$11 USPS Priority/Ins/Track or Free with your USA check or USPS MO.
Please col...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #1122463 (stock #T 1732)
In a USA studio this original design of a pendant was hand hammered wrought and shaped from one piece into a heart then signed with the maker's mark of: Handmade Mimi Dee. A big beautiful 25 carat faceted rich plum 15mm amethyst, the fidelity and peace stone, was securely wired into the center as if between the two lovers facing each other. Only One, no reproductions here.
$10 USPS/Priority/Track or free with your USA check or USPS.
Legal: All images design concept content text ...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Jewelry : American : Pre 1980 item #1122114 (stock #T 1731)
Valentine any time! This two piece construction odd shape heart pin by Charles Skiera of Austin Texas shows an organic look with the bench made reticulated surface and the bezel set natural odd shape Boulder opal stone showing deep blue and green flashes.
1.5" both ways and has a good working safety catch.
Gem stone 10 X 9mm with an organic shape and strong deep blue.
Stamped: sterling and a scribed "Skiera" on the bumpy back. In very good preowned vintage condition.

$10 USP...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pendants : Contemporary item #1122083 (stock #1730)
All metal is sterling silver. In a USA studio this original design of two silver hearts were hand hammered wrought and shaped into a double valentine each by and signed with the metal work maker's mark of: Handmade Sterling Mimi Dee.
The lover's stones of garnet and rose quartz were added to the smaller of the two. Legal: All images design concept content text solely owned by Mimi Dee.

Wt 20 grams, ~17 -18 grams are sterling.
Top Bigger Heart: 3" X 2 5/8" of 14 guage sterl...

All Items : Popular Collectibles : Specialty : Tobacco : Pre 1920 item #1121839 (stock #T 1729)
Circa 1900. Not often found Art Nouveau lady motif in a cheroot or cigar leather case. The lady is holding up a lily over her head and does not have the usual flowing hair, but what appears to be a bob with a fringe? So is that Art Deco? Early 20's? She is not quite nude, though her pelvic region is rather defined, but wearing a scoop neck, cap sleeve, long dress that hugs then flows around her feet. Where are the bosoms? Much confusion here.
Still tres Art Nouveau era. Both sectio...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1121416 (stock #1728)
Two circa 1900 Edwardian Victorian antique lockets, the signed Wightman Hough also stamped "1/4 gold shell", the other with a dragons breath art glass cab, each with chain:

(A) Silver tone Hexagon on Y chain. Antique jelly opal dragon's breath poured art glass cabochon. Boy's portrait photo and one celluloid liner ; OR
(B) Heart Mark logo for Wightman & Hough, a well known locket maker. Also marked: "1/4 gold shell". No photo and two celluloid liners.
Both are in very nice, weara...