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All Items : Artists : Paintings : Contemporary item #1197176 (stock #1785AorD)
TWO LEFT! Signed American original framed mini oil on canvas landscape paintings by this self learned painter:
A) Cove Ogunquit Maine - Marginal Way -beach rocks - marine image 5x7"; also knife painted as oil #1183898 is 144
B) SOLD - Enchanted Woodlands with rushing water image 5x7";
C) SOLD. Mirage with a southwestern mood and palette 5x7";
D) Birches By The Lake image 3.5 X 5" is $99.
Both perfect for that small guest room, dorm room or office and are wired ready fo...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Contemporary item #1201667 (stock #1786)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Each A, B or C priced individually
March of the Bluebonnets I, II & III. When you desperately miss them, sometimes unconventional results can trump realism.
Select from three signed American original landscape oil paintings on stretched canvas depicting wistful "rivers of bluebonnets" starting at the horizon as in the middle work, they approach the foreground and wrap themselves around the trunk of a leafless tree. Bright colorful palette.
(A) 11x14: with swing (III), signed lower right by this self directed ar...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Contemporary item #1216632 (stock #T 1787)
Original signed American oil landscape painting on stretched canvas depicting a showy Magnolia tree planted in The Soldier's and Sailor's Memorial Park which is an 1888 gift of Charles H Tenney to the town of Methuen, MA. This landscape is framed and simply titled: Magnolia. This impasto textured magnolia tree landscape scene is a pleasure to view each spring and summer.

In the background an impressive stone work First Congregational Church founded in 1729 and built in 1855. It served i...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Contemporary item #1217144 (stock #1788)
Signed American original oil painting on 100% Belgian linen depicting a luminous sky and serene yet moody section of a North Eastern Atlantic Cape coastline with a distant sailboat beyond the dark breakwaters at mid ground.

Title: Ann's Gift. This self taught artist juxtaposes the serene view of a waxing or waning luminous sky, displaying a myriad of colors masterfully blended in blue pink lavender yellow with hints of orange at the horizon, with the dark breakwater rocks at mid ground. N...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Contemporary item #1217351 (stock #T 1789)
Signed original oil on 100% Belgian linen landscape painting depicting a peaceful quiet North East coast harbor in a slightly tonalist mood of yellows greens and browns. Title: Across The Harbor (Somewhere up The East Coast II). Sgraffito signed by this self taught American landscape painter at lower right: Mimi Dee. Original, no reproductions! Image: 11" x 14". Fresh to collecting market and framed in a golden frame, wired and ready to hang in your office or home. 100% Belgian linen on ...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Contemporary item #1232154 (stock #T 1790 A B)
(A) Signed original oil on canvas landscape painting, depicting a colorful saturated tropical scene, not usual for this painter and signed: Mimi Dee at lower right. Title: "Hommage Ala Palette de M. Gauguin" with a double title of "I Never Went to Tahiti". Image size: 16 X 20" canvas laid on professional artist archival hardboard panel placed in a modern peanut brittle color frame of 18 1/4" X 22 1/4", which Is included. Fresh to the collecting market, wired and ready to hang on your favori...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Contemporary item #1247747 (stock #1792)
Mimi Dee Artwear
SOLD - Thank you!
SOLD, thank you! Signed American regional landscape oil painting on stretched canvas depicting a romantic luminous sky reflected on a river's water with a rich dark moody foreground of a rocky edge along a local river.
This scene, recorded just in time, has since changed as the trees were removed to make room for a boat ramp!

An original signed by the self directed painter at lower right as: Mimi Dee.
Framed in a beautiful professional gold leaf closed corner gallery frame measurin...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Contemporary item #1251340 (stock #T 1793 )
Signed American original oil landscape painting tenderly depicting a father and son sitting among the rocks along a river's edge with a luminous back lit area set against rich dark bluish green trees and water, aptly titled: Father's Day and signed by a self taught American landscape painter at lower right as: Mimi Dee.
The father and son are not detailed, allowing emphasis on the promising luminous area beyond, reversing the usual academic "rule" of cool back and warm foreground.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Hardstones : Pre 1920 item #1260022 (stock #1796)
Antique far eastern Asian Chinese hard stone late 19th century to early 20th century Chinese green jade jadeite saddle ring that was carved from one piece of this coveted lucky hard stone. This Chinese far Eastern export carved green gemstone saddle ring is in excellent wearable condition.

Although not seen here, the top takes a high glossy polish. There are no new crisp edges to be found in this ring.
It shows beautiful bright imperial green spots and a couple of darker areas, just e...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Contemporary item #1264626 (stock #T 1797)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Includes professional gold leaf frame
A signed American original oil landscape painting depicting a south western scene with a dark road in the mid left foreground that vanishes into the yellow bright background just short of two cliff like reddish rocky prominences that almost form two goal posts. The colorful palette juxtaposes lights and darks in fore and mid ground. Titled: Exit West and painted by a self taught American painter, who exited West to live in New England many, many years ago... Was it the right choice?...


All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Jewelry : Pre 1940 item #1285462 (stock #1799)
Select from two old Chinese lots:

(A) Reticulated jade or jadeite double sided pendant plaque open work carved hard stone with an Asian man carved on both sides.
20 grams white to light soft sage with touches of light tan yellowish russet on some edges.
Ice cold to touch, has a good gloss and a nice "clink" when clinked against an old nephrite carving.
57 X 40 X 4mm. 2 1/4" X 1 1/2" X 1/8" Possibly the older of the two pieces.
Test: repeatedly used hard jewelers' metal t...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Metals : Silver : Asia Trade : Pre 1920 item #1287790 (stock #T 1800)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Sale Pending
Antique silver button collectors look at this set of four antique Far Eastern Chinese export foo dog lion or dragon motif repousse chased unmarked silver buttons. Although unmarked, they test at least 90% silver, yet may be sterling.
20mm across and look at that ferocity! 3mm holloware thickness.
The silversmith cut the front and backs, hammered and chased the front figural details, then attached the front and backs together.
Nice old rich unpolished darkening, normal for their a...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Geological : Loose Gemstones : Contemporary item #1291865 (stock #T 1801)
Make 2 doll necklaces and 2 doll pendants or...Make your own gemstone necklace and earrings - or take to your favorite jeweler - with this all tourmaline multicolor faceted rondelle bead strand and two juicy loose ruby wine color briolettes, for a total of 55 carats or 11 grams on postal scale, as follows:
(A) New unfinished still on original string pulled from a hank.
End to end 14 1/2", yet when knotted or wired individually could yield a 20" necklace or longer. Or pair off several se...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Contemporary item #1294542 (stock #1802)
Mimi Dee Artwear
SOLD! Thank you!
Original American signed floral oil painting on stretched canvas of a grouping of phalaenopsis orchids, one taking center stage against a dark background that when the right light hits it at the right angle, you can see a dark phalo blue green appear. The orchids are lavender mauve rose tinged and ivory white with sage greens. Dim light source delights.
Title: Mom's Orchid
It is painted by an American self learned oil painter and signed lower right as: Mimi Dee. The latest floral by thi...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Contemporary item #1295530 (stock #T 1803)
Mimi Dee Artwear
SOLD - Thank you!
An original American oil painting of a path starting from a slightly dim opening in the foreground with a slight incline beyond into a moderately lit area; then on to a mountain and a solitary bird in the far distance. Signed lower right by this self learned painter as: Mimi Dee.
Title: Woodland Path I - ID # 03021001-12

Acquired by a 13 year old. Thank you! This artist promotes the introduction of fine art collecting and the introduction of collecting vintage and contemporary artist ...

All Items : New Century : Paintings : Contemporary item #1295838 (stock #1804)
Mimi Dee Artwear
Commission - Thank you!. This American oil portrait was commissioned as a Mother's Day gift by a family member of an octogenarian and titled: Glo Remembers.
Sometimes her memories mesh decades together and other times she forgets the present...yet fondly remembers the past...
The painting portrays her dressed in her favorite color red and was painted on a stretched canvas by and signed at lower right as Mimi Dee, an American self learned painter.

Title: Glo Remembers - ID# 05021207-0...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pendants : Contemporary item #1302335 (stock #T 1807)
Doubled this would make a nice doll necklace. Bold hand knotted nevada lapis necklace and removable green rutilated quartz pendant both by and signed: Mimi Dee - Sterling. Both pieces were designed and composed in a USA studio.
Necklace: 147 grams of 18mm faceted pink and green Nevada Lapis and 8mm Ruby in Zoisite beads to yield a hand knotted 20" strand.
while all beads are from faraway lands... all semi precious metal was hand hammered formed shaped and signed by this jewelry artist...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Ethnic : Pre 1910 item #1302475 (stock #1808)
Blinding brilliance bounces off these carved faceted natural golden honey cognac amber beads along this half moon shape hair pin ornament comb tiara that flips up and down on its antique Victorian gold gilt frame over the double tine tooth horn section. Circa 1900.
Crazing semi circular drill marks. See image 2.
Largest amber bead: Nine carved and faceted with the middle one at 16mm X 10 mm thick - graduates to 10mm at both ends, forming a fiery brilliant half moon shape to enhan...