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All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Sets : Contemporary item #1070121 (stock #1716)
New set with vintage glass; Bracelet collectors take note. Since before the Art Deco era Egyptian revival motif jewelry has been popular. Now one finds this new contempo bronze antique finish lever back earring and charm bracelet set laden with 14 Egyptian "King Tut" motif charms; some with vintage Czech molded poured art glass scarabs, glyphs, lockets, cats, an opening pyramid, an en tremblant cobra and a mummy that pops out of a sarcophagus, to name a few! Lush Lapis blue, red, green art g...
All Items : Artists : Fashion : Accessories : Contemporary item #1143455 (stock #T 1734)
All metal is sterling silver. In a USA studio this silver kinetic biomorphic sculptural metal work pendant was hand wrought and shaped by and signed: Sterling Handmade Mimi Dee.

A 25mm beautifully carved Ametrine gemstone from far off lands, ~ 25 carats, was caged in sterling silver then added as a dangle. All real, no faux here! Legal: All images design concept content text solely owned by Mimi Dee. The pendant is hooked on to a knotted toffee color adjustable ribbon to wear as shown o...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #959351 (stock #T 1693)
An original all sterling sculptural pendant hand wrought, forged in a USA studio and signed with this metal artist's mark as: Sterling - Handmade - Mimi Dee.

What makes most of this metal worker's pieces unusual is that, as in this case, one continuous piece of precious thick 14 gauge silver without cutting or soldering is used to make this "one of" piece. From faraway lands: black real freshwater pearls (never faux here!) and ultra flashing blue labradorite beads were threaded with small...

All Items : Artists : Fashion : Apparel : Contemporary item #330258 (stock #1010a)
Using Emanuel Ungaro lavender plum 95% silk fiber, a not the usual minimalist approach to wearable art apparel was taken in that there are no embellishments such as paint or fabric collage. It is ready to accept either forms of embellishment. In a USA studio, this was cut and constructed by and signed Mimi Dee, as a sleeveless kimono type coat vest, then finished with black over lock edges and 2 AB Czech fire polished lavender beads as the only embellishment...for now... It is signed: Mimi ...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Sets : Pre 2000 item #988517 (stock #T 1705)
Hand knotted 9mm real cultured freshwater pearls and sterling silver - never faux ever here! Cultured freshwater color enhanced lavender lilac hue pearl necklace, with both lush 6mm dark purple & 16mm light lilac amethyst, then silver grey Swarovski crystals were added.
Includes a removable handwrought sterling sculpture pendant with a 15 carat lilac semi precious gemstone within and earrings to complete the demi parure set.
All made in a USA studio by and signed: Mimi Dee Sterling ...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pendants : Contemporary item #1359603 (stock #1841)
Signed studio original hand hammered multi metal 7 piece kinetic magical evil eye protector pendant, with added Victorian mille grain steel court button and gems, was made in a USA studio in the Modernist or Arts & Crafts tradition by and signed by this living self learned metal art maker as Mimi Dee.

As in some modernist approach, it is made with hammered mixed metals copper, sterling and a bit of gold fill. It is finished with a 19th century open work cut steel mille grain / brass 2 p...

All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Sets : Contemporary item #753136 (stock #T 1614)
Approx 460 Carats lavender pink faceted 16mm amethyst, rose quartz necklace with removable carved flower shell pendant. Signed: Mimi Dee Sterling Handcrafted in USA on a tag. All gemstones and one aquamarine (beryl) bead are from faraway lands. Hand knotted for security, with FREE hand knotting during first 18 months if needed! What a buy! Elsewhere 1/2 the Carats for double the money! Lush, brilliance jumps off the facets, simply delish! 4 Ounces.

Necklace: 17.5 end to end, yet can...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Necklaces : Contemporary item #755652 (stock #T 1618)
Made in USA. As in the Modernist tradition and in a USA studio, this hand hammered figural necklace collar was completely hand fabricated by one pair of hands and signed: Handmade Mimi Dee & Sterling. As usual the sculptural pendant is made from One piece! This metal took this metal artist on a journey not unlike same paintings which may start with one idea and end up with another. LEGAL: All images design concept content text solely owned by Mimi Dee. Some say this is a bird, others say an...
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #467225 (stock #T 1422)
ALL METAL IS 18K GOLD. Happy lucky red bracelet with beads showing light zinging through these vintage circa 1920 brilliant antique amber faceted beads with a hint of cognac hue ranging 6 to 10 mm.
With new 18K Gold metals / closure. Carefully hand knotted.
Flat it measures: 7 1/4", yet 6 1/2" inside when the Fine 18K Gold J Hook is engaged.
Test: passed the electrostatic test, do Not react positive to acetone, and are light as a feather.
Most importantly, when examining th...
All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Pendants : Contemporary item #802556 (stock #T 1650)
Made in America. Handwrought bold signed studio sculptural pendant hand fabricated by and signed by with maker's mark as: Handmade - Sterling - Mimi Dee, a completely self taught metal work jewelry artist.

This sculptural pendant was wrought from one piece of thick 14 guage silver, this studio artist's signature use of one piece of precious metal without cutting and soldering, later the blue and red sponge corals - melithaea ochracea - from distant lands were manipulated and wired through ...

All Items : Artists : Jewelry : Bracelets : Contemporary item #377624 (stock #T 1250)
All metal is sterling silver and this bracelet is made in USA.
Thank you in advance for collecting artist made jewelry, particularly when it is made by one pair of hands in one studio and never duplicated!
All precious metal completely bench made / worked in the Post Modernist tradition. This abstract hammered sculpture hinged cuff entirely hand fabricated in a USA studio by and signed: Mimi Dee Handmade Sterling. The abstract cat or heart sculpture top hinges. You may wish to hav...
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Sets : Contemporary item #460012 (stock #T 1400)
Pearls were the first precious gems treasured by jewelry wearers of centuries past and they never go out of style. A 24" hand knotted necklace strand of 7-8mm natural color high luster pink fresh water pearls with hints of peach and mauve hues were hand knotted in a USA studio. All real. Never faux here!
Finished with pre made 22K Gold on sterling silver vermeil metal mountings.
Removable Pendant Enhancer: 1 3/4" in a 'Austro Hungarian' Victorian style - same content metal settings ...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Metals : Silver : Continental : Pre 1930 item #258883 (stock #T 627)
Read the menu in style! Exceptional hinged folding opera lorgnette clip eye glasses marked "800 and TF" or "TC" with marcasite studded bow shape dress clip to secure in pocket. Can be made into a monocle/magnifier.
Must see all images to appreciate different ways to use. Measurements vary depending on use. Images 1, 2 and 4. Continental silver. All marcasites are present and sparkle brightly.
Not ready for lasik, can't stand contacts, don't like readers? No need...when you can unc...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Deco : Pre 1940 item #959900 (stock #1695)
Vintage 4 strand angel skin coral bracelet with 2 spacers and decorative open work push in decorative box clasp / safety catch

Stamped: 900 for Mediterranean silver content.
Weighs: 31 grams.
7 end to end. With the 3 bead open work engraved decorative box clasp engaged, yields
~ 6.5 interior X 7/8" wide.
4 glorious rows of gorgeous angel skin blush color beads.
Coralbeds are being protected and these sought after semiprecious beads are getting more difficult to colle...

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Mexican : Pre 1940 item #358353 (stock #T 1173)
Bird doll motif. Pre assay era Made in Mexico bird pin brooch. Early - tested at least sterling - colossal 4 3/4" north to south with 2 turquoise beads. This figural exhibits flowers in the style of Fred Davis or Matilde Poulat. Repousse and chase workmanship.
The native peoples were known to make dolls representing the local animals for their children to play. Today those same children are being taught the value in Nature Tourism.

This Quetzal bird parrot pin is stamped: SILVER...

All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Jewelry : American : Pre 1940 item #385358 (stock #T 1268)
Vintage Boston era early shield mark of "Guglielmo Cini Sterling" used while he was here in Boston before he moved out West in 1957. A client, who lives in WA and who commissioned his wedding rings in Boston several decades ago, has shared that Cini moved very close to Peruzzi and competed feverishly for the more unusual gothic designs and custom work, no doubt.
Here this brooch exhibits fine foliate cut open work sterling silver workmanship with the early signature "Guglielmo Cini Sterlin...
All Items : New Century : Jewelry : Sets : Contemporary item #583891 (stock #T 1534)
In a USA studio, this real gem and 22K gold on sterling silver jewelry set was designed and hand knotted. Real, never faux!
(A) Necklace: hand knotted with real white high nacre lustrous cultured pearls. Also real micro faceted 4mm amethyst beads.
15 - 16 3/4" choker necklace strand for the petite neck.
Neck and Ears - $225 and or
(B) Bracelet is a separate order at 7.5 interior when the hook clasp is engaged and shows a small charm made of same gems. $126
Take all and...
All Items : Artists : Paintings : Contemporary item #143449 (stock #T 198)
The gift of this original signed American micro mini miniature watercolor painting by and signed: Mimi Dee, who is self taught, would bring precious memories to visitors of the Maine coast.
This watercolor is titled: "Bench on Marginal Way" and it was shown at a Reading Art Association Exhibit.

Image size: TINY 3/4" X 1 3/4"!
Framed: 5" X 6 1/2".
Subject: Family of three on the bench on "Marginal Way".
This is a recognizable and memorable landmark for thousands who hav...